Knowing God’s Fact

"You cannot live and walk in newness of life if you don't know and realize the facts of the New Creation Reality and your New Identity in Christ"


Don’t Be Shy

...God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible. 1 Tim 1:7 (Message) When we became Christians did not just forgive our sins, but He gave us the wonderful gift of eternal life and the Holy Spirit. And the..."God’s various gifts are handed out everywhere; but they all … Continue reading Don’t Be Shy

Behold, I make all things new

We had the quarterly Prayers and fasting in Church today. It was such a refreshing time in the Presence of the Lord. Prayer Direction and Burden 5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. 6 And he … Continue reading Behold, I make all things new

Spiritual & Ministry Gifts II

Healing, Miracles, and Helps GOD’S PURPOSE FOR THE SPIRITUAL AND MINISTRY GIFTS Eph 4:11-16 NKJV Equipping the saints for work of ministry Building the Body of Christ Bring us to unity of faith in the knowledge of Jesus Bring us to become like Jesus (Gods original purpose) Spiritual Maturity, growing in love and in conformity … Continue reading Spiritual & Ministry Gifts II

Spiritual & Ministry Gifts I

There are about nine (9) gifts identified in 1 Cor. 12:7-11 and can be classified as; GIFTS OF REVELATION Word of knowledge-supernatural revelation of divine knowledge, or insight into the divine mind, will or plan; and also plan of others that man could not know of himself. Acts 9:11-12, Mt. 16:16; John 1:1-3, Acts 5:3-4;21:11 … Continue reading Spiritual & Ministry Gifts I

12 Habits and Practices that makes an effective Christian leader

Habit of Reading the Bible and Good Books Habit of Praying Alone Writing Down God Dealings and Instructions To Your Life Art of Meditation Habit Learning To Talk Less and Listening More Walking With the Holy Spirit Habit of Fasting Often Habit of Using Your Time Very Well Habit of Working Hard Practice of His … Continue reading 12 Habits and Practices that makes an effective Christian leader